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When you’ve decided to buy a used car, there are several checks that should be done before you complete your purchase. HPI checks are absolutely necessary because they can reveal pertinent information that can provide peace of mind and ensure you aren’t the victim of fraud. Below, you’ll learn what an HPI check is, as well as what information it contains and how you can get one.

What is an HPI Check?

Performed by HPI, the top vehicle history checking in the UK, an HPI check and CarVeto analyses the complete history of all cars, motorbikes, and vans registered in the UK. Users can rest assured that it provides comprehensive, accurate, and up to the minute data.

What is included in an HPI Check?

An HPI check looks at all aspects of a motor vehicle, including:

  • Previous DVLA check for number of owners
  • If the vehicle has been imported or exported, which is important because imported vehicles can be almost impossible to find affordable replacement parts for and any vehicle that has been marked ‘exported’ by the DVLA cannot be insured
  • A check of the vehicle’s registration number (VIN) to ensure no issues have been recorded against it and that it matches the VIN listed in the V5C logbook
  • Past history of number plate changes, which can be completely innocent, such as when someone prefers a personalised number plate, or not, such as when the number plate is changed to conceal a vehicle’s history
  • If the vehicle is currently listed as stolen, in which case, it remains the property of the person it was taken form
  • If the vehicle has been recorded as scrapped, which indicates it is not to be driven on the road and shouldn’t be for sale
  • If the vehicle has been written off by an insurance company, meaning it has suffered significant damage in the past and could be dangerous to operate
  • If the vehicle has any outstanding finance agreement or loan against it, which is important because all debt stays with the vehicle itself, meaning that you will inherit the debt if you choose to complete your purchase
  • Estimated fuel costs, which can help you figure how much you will have to spend each time you get petrol
  • Logbook check to ensure the one you are seeing is the most one issued
  • Mileage discrepancies, which could indicate the odometer has been turned back, affecting its value and possibly hiding additional wear and tear (Mileage is not always available.)
  • A car valuation, which is ideal for negotiating the price and learning how you much you can expect to spend on this type of vehicle

How Can You Get an HPI Check?

Getting an HPI check is very simple. Enter the vehicle’s registration number. A single check costs £12.50. You also have the option of purchasing a basic plan check for £7.50 or simply opting for their free option. £29.97.

You will immediately receive access to the complete report once your HPI purchase is complete. In addition, a reference number will be sent to your email, allowing you to pull up the report at a later date.

Be aware that there are other websites that may offer a comprehensive vehicle check at a lower cost, but you cannot be completely certain the information is accurate.

Getting an HPI check is just one more important check you need to make when you are thinking about buying a used car.


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