Thieves Targeting Honda Accord Sports Wheels

Honda Accord Sports wheels

Thieves will do pretty much anything to make a quick buck. Over the years, they’ve took aim at many components of the automobile. For instance, they’ve stolen catalytic converters and more. Recently, thieves all around the country have decided to aim their sights a little higher. They’ve started stealing the sporty wheels from Honda Accord automobiles. Honda Accord sport wheels are in high demand and thieves have decided to take advantage of it. So, why are thieves targeting these wheels and what can consumers do to protect themselves?

Why Honda Accord Sport Wheels?

A recent HLDI analysis shows that thieves are causing insurance losses for Accord rims to climb higher and higher. Recently, criminals struck in Monroe, North Carolina. While they stole the wheels, they left the automobile behind. Thieves primarily target vehicle parts, which lack any identifying marks. In return, this makes them much more difficult for authorities to trace and easier for the thieves to peddle. And of course, wheels for Honda Accords tend to be pretty expensive.

This is definitely the case when dealing with supped up rims. You’ve paid good money for your rims and wheels. You can take steps to protect them!

The Costs Involved

Unless the consumer has comprehensive insurance coverage, vehicle theft and non-crash losses are not going to be covered. These losses are paid with comprehensive coverage, which tends to be far more expensive. Getting into a vehicle crash undoubtedly seems more frightening and expensive. However, having your wheels stolen can be just as bad.

The costs involved can rack up very quickly. After all, deductibles will need to be paid! A tow truck will have to transport the vehicle to a mechanic and you’ll also have to pay for the repair. Suffice to say, having your vehicle’s wheels stolen can be a major financial burden. The good news is that you can protect yourself. You’ll learn how to do just that below.

Tip To Keep Your Wheels Safe

By making a few minor adjustments, you’ll actually be able to reduce the likelihood that your Honda Accord wheels are going to be stolen in the future. While these tips won’t completely eliminate the risk, they will reduce it. Therefore, you should always take precaution when parking your vehicle.

  • Park your car in a closed garage whenever possible. This will force the criminal to break into the garage before they can steal the wheels. In return, your home’s security system may catch them ahead of time.
  • Invest in an alarm system and wheel sensors. This innovative type of alarm will be able to determine when the car has been tilted. It can also send out a warning when your vehicle has been tempered with.
  • Park in a busy area. Thieves prefer secluded areas so they won’t get busted. By parking in an area with lots of traffic, they’ll be far more cautious.
  • Turn the wheels. When parking your automobile, you should turn the wheels. Leaving them straight makes it much easier to steal. However, when the wheels are turned, the criminal is going to have a much tougher time remove them. After all, they’ll get lodged in the wheel well. Plus, the steering column lock will make it nearly impossible for the criminal to turn the wheels without having access to the keys.

The Solution – Wheel Locks

wheel locks

One of the best ways to protect your Honda Accord sport’s wheels is with advanced wheel locks. The devices are designed specifically to prevent thieves from stealing vehicle tires and wheels. The great benefit of the wheel lock is it functions just like a standard lug nut. So, you do not need to do any type of special mechanical work to your vehicle to utilize them. In fact, you just replace them with existing lug nuts. However, the installation does require a special key, which is typically included with the wheel locks.

This key is also utilized to remove the wheel locks. No one but you will have access to the key, so you will not have to worry about thieves stealing your wheels ever again. Of course, this will not prevent someone from trying to remove the locks with some type of removal tool. To add extra security, the locks are embedded with a narrow groove that will resist the intrusion of such tools into the pattern.



At the end of the day, anyone who owns a Honda Accord should be cautious of wheel thieves. After all, you’re a primary target. You’ve paid a great deal for your wheels and rims. You should take steps to prevent yourself from becoming a victim. Thankfully, there are plenty of things that you can do to protect yourself. Above, you have found a tip to keep your wheels safe and more. Be sure to utilize these tips to ensure that your wheels do not go missing in the near future.


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