The Newest Supercar Of Ferrari Is Not Allowed On The Road


At the time, Ferrari said about its ultra-rare hybrid monster with 1.000 horsepower that it is guaranteed to provide users the unprecedented experiences of driving by incorporating technological innovations.

After 2 years, FXX-K Evo has been launched. Like the previous XX models, FXX-K is adopted track-specific content and derived from the world of racing without using for the road as well as the outside competitions excepting the dedicated programs.

Although this car reflects its predecessor’s vocation, there is just a small and highly-select group of clients is its objects. The enthusiasts of supercar want to share with the technicians of Prancing Horse the technologically-innovative concept by using the closed-wheel laboratory model.

In general, Ferrari will help you keep the car. That means users can drive in an environment which is strictly controlled by Ferrari, not on the actual ways. Ferrari doesn’t mention price, but its source – FXX-K of La Ferrari is around $3 million.

When it comes to FXX-K Evo, that means aerodynamics. Though the physics are complicated and intricate, the carmaker said that compared to the previous cars, they have improved downforce coefficient of this model by 23%, increasing 75% on the road.

9.400rpm redline is ridiculous, meaning the FXX-K Evo is on the tarmac with 1.800lbs of downforce. That means when driving this model on the racetrack, you can turn blistering laps. The advantage is that tires won’t budge.

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