Driving in Style: BAC Mono Official Review


BAC Mono review

The BAC Mono is one of the most exquisite and fastest cars that was created by the Briggs Automotive Company. It’s their first attempt to create a one seater vehicle that’s applicable to the public road.

This is one of the most entertaining cars to drive. For car aficionados to professional drivers, this review will help you decide if this is the right car for you.

BAC Mono Review

Performance Specs:

  • Max Speed: 170 MPH
  • 0-60 MPH – 2.8 seconds
  • Max Power: 305 bhp
  • Max Torque: 308 Nm
  • Weight: 1278 lbs

Under the Wheel

The Mono is a lightweight machine that’s known for its quick acceleration: It weighs 1278 lbs and has a 2.3-liter engine that has 280bhp. When sprinting, this vehicle goes from 0-60 MPH in under 3 seconds.

Besides its acceleration, the BAC Mono’s transmission and performance are what stands it apart. When sitting in the car with the engine behind you, you’ll notice its six-speed transmission speeding through the gear changes.

While the vehicle has a bit of an understeer, the BAC Mono is a neutral car, which allows you to explore and test its limits without fear of crashing. Despite its incredible performance, it can drive around town easily at normal speeds.

The Interior

The BAC Mono doesn’t have a plush, luxurious interior, but what is there has been immaculately designed. It stands out from the traditional British roadsters because of its suede-style lining.

And, it has more room for you to relax your feet and have extra space in the front boot for accessories such as a raincoat and a helmet. This is useful in the event of a rainstorm where you’ll have only two choices: Out drive the clouds or become wet.


Based on its open-wheel suspension, the BAC Mono can ride sublimely. This means that its 100 mm vertical wheel travel helps you travel through road bumps with ease.

bac mono driving positionThe BAC’s driving position is smooth and is easy to drive in. For instance, its clutch is forgiving and modulates to the user’s driving preference. What’s more interesting is the vehicle’s increased suspension. BAC reported that the Mono has twice the suspension of the Lotus-2, which is already known for being a fast roadster on the track.

To fully appreciate the BAC Mono, you’ll have to drive it on an open road. When driving at low speeds, the car vibrates wildly, which leads to users feeling their ankles tingling and their chest buzzing. The engine sounds great when driving at high speeds, but sounds horrible when driving under 4500rpm.

When you’re out on the road, the BAC Mono performs almost perfectly. The car can switch directions, have precise steering, and moves smoothly with feedback. Once you start to drive at around 80-100 mph, certain issues such as oversteer and understeer start to become less relevant.

If you’re driving through slower turns, the BAC Mono keeps its composure; making it a good car to drive if you like cutting through tight corners. Press hard on the middle pedal to reach the car’s maximum potential. Overall, the BAC Mono is perfect for you if you want a high-speed car that’s also safe enough to drive on the most complicated race tracks.

Pros and Cons

Need a quick overview of the BAC Mono? This table shows both the pros & cons of the car so that you can get a realistic expectation of how it performs.


  • Top Engineering
  • Sublime Performance
  • Formula 1 inspired Cockpit
  • Fast acceleration
  • Quick Gear Shifting


  • Impractical for family transportation
  • Feels shaky at lower speeds
  • 35 Liter Fuel system might not be enough for most drivers
  • Parking brake issues
  • No Downforce

Based on this table, you can see that the BAC Mono is a powerful car whose main purpose is to drive fast without any interruption. While you can drive it in the city, it’s going to feel like a go-kart due to the constant shaking. Make sure that you give the car a test run before buying to see if it fits with your driving style.

How do I Obtain It?

The BAC Mono is an interesting vehicle in its own right. If you want this vehicle in your garage, it will cost about $171,583. Despite being priced like most high-end super cars, the BAC Mono will give you a full sports car driving experience.

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Once bought, you’ll be rewarded with one of the best performing roadsters in the UK. The BAC Mono stands out from the competition because of its power, precise turning, and its great handling. Buy this car if you want to drive easily when you’re on the highway.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a professional, the BAC Mono is a great car that performs well as soon as you hit the gas pedal. Get this car today if you want to drive like a Formula 1 racer and navigate through any terrain at high speeds.


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